Battlefield 3 Mumble Plugin


This is a Mumble plugin that is used to add support for positional audio to Battlefield 3. For more information on positional audio please visit the Mumble wiki here.


The methods of memory peeking used to grab the necessary information needed from the BF3 client to support this are sometimes mistaken as a cheat/hack by poorly written overbearing anticheat systems. However I have tested this personally on Punkbuster protected servers and it was not an issue. Similar Mumble plugins have been used in other DICE games such as BF2 and BFBC2 without any issues as well.


Last updated: 6/4/2012 Battlefield 3 v944019

   bf3.dll (14.3kb MD5: e28468e76a5948681d0c8012596f57ed)
   Source code


This plugin is now included in the official Mumble snapshot. Your Mumble client should automatically download it when you open it.

If you'd like to update it manually instead of waiting for a new Mumble snapshot to be made, you can follow these instructions:
  1. Uncheck "Download plugin and overlay updates on startup" in the Network tab of the Mumble client configuration. It will overwrite the newer plugin with the older one otherwise.
  2. Download the DLL file linked above.
  3. Copy the DLL file to your user's  AppData\Roaming\Mumble\Plugins directory.
    To find easier, paste this into the Windows Run dialog:   %APPDATA%\Mumble\Plugins
  4. Restart Mumble and follow the instructions "How to activate Positional Audio" here on the Mumble wiki.


To verify that the plugin was installed correctly, you should see it listed at the top of the list in the Plugins tab of your Mumble Configuration (Advanced must be enabled).

The plugin doesn't support grabbing a current context from Battlefield 3 yet, which means if people in the same Mumble channel are playing on different servers then the positional audio will sound incorrect for those players.

When Battlefield 3 is updated I'll most likely have to update the plugin, I'll do my best to do it as quickly as possible.

Mumble Build with Battlefield 3 Overlay


There is an inprogress addition to Mumble that adds support for a DirectX 11 compatible version of the Mumble overlay. It will soon be included in the Mumble main line, but for now here is a Windows build of the latest source for those daring few that really want their overlay now. Props go to
nyetwurk for doing all the work for this new Mumble feature.


This is a very cutting edge in development build, and it may break everything on your computer. The only game I have tested it with is Battlefield 3 but there are reports that it will crash some other DX11 games or cause the games to leak memory. Use at your own risk.


nyetwurk is now providing a full installer of his version of Mumble that includes the DX11 overlay and my BF3 plugin:

   Download Installer


Please send me any bug reports or feedback:
Or leave a post in the SA BF3 threads (my forum name is GoleX)